Seng Fong Holdings Berhad

An established rubber processor producing and trading Standard Malaysia Rubber (“SMR”) and premium grade block rubber

High Quality Products

Consistency in producing quality block rubber is critical in building confidence in our customers to create customer satisfaction.

Seng Fong Holdings

From a humble beginning, Seng Fong Holdings has achieved great success over the years and has grown five fold during the last ten years and has developed into a leading rubber processor and exporter in the country. Our products are distributed in different countries such as China, India, Taiwan, Australia, Singapore, Middle East, Europe and others.

Seng Fong Holdings has built up a long relationship with its customers and suppliers, whose support and cooperation is much appreciated. In order to maintain the company's tradition of providing the best products and sevices to its customers, the company will increase its efforts to further improve quality, productivity and to meet the customers' requirement for uniform, consistent product at a competitive price.

Leading Rubber Processor & Exporter

Rubber Specifications

Natural rubber, also known as caoutchouc, is an elastic hydrocarbon polymer that was originally derived from latex, a milky colloid produced by certain plants. The purified form of natural rubber is the chemical polyisoprene, which can also be produced synthetically. Natural rubber is used extensively in many applications and products, as is synthetic rubber. It is normally very stretchy and flexible and extremely waterproof.

Standard Malaysian Rubber (SMR)

We also supply the Standard Malaysia Rubber (SMR) Grades including SMR 5, SMR GP, SMR 10 and SMR 20.
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Premium Grades

We produce Premium Grades Rubber as per customers’ requirements, ranging from ST 5CV, ST 10CV, ST 20CV, M20R and more according to specifications.
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Seng Fong Holdings was incorporated under the Act on 1 July 2021 as a private limited company under the name of Seng Fong Holdings Sdn Bhd. On 9 September 2021, our Company was converted into a public limited company and we assumed our present name Seng Fong Holdings Berhad.

Seng Fong Trading Sdn Bhd
Registration No. 197501002671 (24361-A)
(wholly-owned subsidiary)

principal activities are investment holdings and trading of various grades of natural rubber
Syarikat Tenaga (Gemas) Sdn Bhd
Registration No. 198101002330 (68443-P)
(wholly-owned indirect subsidiary)

principal activities are the processing and sale of natural rubber of various grades, principally SMR Grade and Premium Grade block rubber
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