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Leading rubber processor and exporter in the country
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Leading Rubber Processor & Exporter

Seng Fong Holdings

The Company had its beginnings when Er Hock Lai and his brothers established Kilang Getah Hock Guan (KGHG) in 1986. All the partners of KGHG bought over Seng Fong Trading Sdn Bhd (SFT) in 1989 and in a reorganisation of the business in 1994, SFT bought over KGHG. In 1996, SFT acquired Syarikat Tenaga (Gemas) Sdn Bhd, which held title to a 40-acre leasehold industrial plot in Gemas, Negeri Sembilan as well as a license granted by the Malaysian Rubber Board (MRB)

From humble beginnings, the processing capacity has grown to 142,000 metric tonnes (MTS) as of 2021 compared to 3,000 MTS in 1986.

The three factories located in Gemas, Negeri Sembilan produce Standard Malaysia Rubber (SMR) grades SMR GP, SMR 5 SMR 10 and SMR 20 as well as premium grade rubber ST 5CV, ST 10CV, ST 20CV, M20R, and others as per specification.

As an export-oriented business, the top five customers are from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore.

With a track record as a rubber processor, the Company has built up recurring and long-term relationships with customers who are mainly tyre manufacturers and rubber traders as well as suppliers.

As part of our Group’s commitment to ensure the quality of our block rubber, all batches of block rubber produced are required to undergo quality control testing in our MRB-authorised laboratory prior to receiving clearance for delivery to customers.

Our Mission

To provide top quality rubber to customers

Our Vision

To be the leading exporter of rubber products from Malaysia

Our Core Values

Constantly improving quality and productivity to meet customers' requirements for uniformity and consistency at a competitive price

Seng Fong Holdings

Business Model

We source cup lump primarily from domestic and international rubber traders; and semi-processed rubber (e.g. RSS and synthetic rubber) and value-added additives (e.g. other chemicals) mainly from international rubber traders, to produce SMR Grade and Premium Grade block rubber (Processing Segment). Our Group also trades block rubbers which are sourced from international rubber traders and/or natural rubber processors (Trading Segment), upon request by our customers.

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